DOJO designers created works from scratch, (i.e pattern, structure, designs, etc.)
based on inspiration since day 1 on May 2017

Please respect & follow COPYRIGHT regulation


  • According to the Berne Convention, copyright protection is granted to
    works automatically from the moment of their creation or fixation and
    does not depend on any formalities or registration in the 175 countries
    party to that Convention.

  • The owners of copyrights have the exclusive right to use the work or
    authorize others to use the conditions set by contract.

  • Term of protection of rights varies according to national laws.
    At least 50 years after
    death of the creator according to the Berne Convention 
    and 70 years after
    death of the creator according to the European Union legislation 
    (EU Directive 2006/116/EC).


WIPO,CSC : 19 Oct 60

We really appreciate your integrity as a fellow designer 
DOJO design crew :-)