Dojo Ergo Backpack : Lucas Tiger

Dojo Ergo Backpack : Lucas Tiger


DOJO : Do journey is a Thai lifestyle brand for fun kid 

Ergo Backpack made of various material that give a carrier, light yet strong bond feeling - lightweight, water resistant. 


Dojo Ergo Backpack : Lucas the Tiger


Design inaccordance with kid’s growth

  • As kids grow older, so as DOJO friends & their goals!
    like a guidance, a scope to kid’s determinations.
  • Adjustable strap positioner’s height
  • Ergonomic design concern to help support carrier's back
  • Organize and plenty of load compartment


  • Capacity dimension 38.5 x 28 x 14 CM
  • Light weight : Composition of light weight materials gathering in 1 bag
  • Keep in shape : Even there’s no stuff inside at all, DOJO - ERGO still looking good by keeping its shape with colorful piping structure.
  • Water resistant : Protecting kid belonging inside from rain and sudden splash
  • Maintain ventilated & Warm : Ventilated design structure and soft material, for a better air circulation maintenance inside.

    - Function - 

    • Plentiful capacity
    • Water resistant
    • Keep in shape
    • Light weight
    • Ventilated maintainance 


    - Dimension - 

    • Maximum capacity : 38.5 x 28 x 14 cm


    - Material - 

    • Overall : 
    • Ventilated system : Honeycomb Stucture Double Raschel



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